Vide Grenier (flea market) – Toulouse 2015

Here is a bunch of pictures that I enjoyed taking three years ago, our last Spring in Toulouse.

Tokoname – July 2017

A very short visit in Tokoname, an amazing village near to Nagoya. We discovered a rich scenery of brick buildings and chimneys decorated with potteries and terracotta sculptures.

Nagoya – July 2017

Here are some pictures taken during our last trip in Nagoya during summer. The picture shows Satsuke and Mei House reconstitution (from My Neighbor Totoro), Astuta shrine and Nagoya City Science Museum.

Tsukuba Matsuri – August 2017

Pictures of 2017 edition of the yearly Tsukuba Matsuri (festival). You may also watch a (bit shaky) video to feel the ambiance.

Mount Fuji – August 2017